From Pizza-Finding GPS Tools to Perfect Popcorn-Poppings Apps

 - Jun 19, 2013
If you’re craving pizza at 4 in the morning or need dietary information on food, or simply want a fun food-related game to kill time, these food-related downloads might be worth a trip to the app store. All these apps share the common theme of food—something we all couldn’t resist or live without.

Corporations like McDonald's Canada developed specific apps for customers to track where their food is from, how long it took to get to the restaurant of purchase and basic nutritional value charts. The app is called TrackMyMacCa and though it isn’t exactly necessary, it is something available for fast food lovers.

The Toothpict App has got to be one of the most hilarious food-related downloads—it saves a friend at the dinner table when he or she’s got food stuck in teeth. The application allows you to draw a cartoon diagram indicating the exact location of the in-between teeth speck. You would then send it over to your friend discretely, avoiding public embarrassment.