IKEA Kondis Counts Kilometers Towards High-Cal Desserts

 - May 30, 2011
References: kondis.kampanj.ikea.se & adverblog
Many people count calories as a way to monitor and control weight loss and maintenance, but the IKEA Kondis iPhone app recognizes another reason why someone might like to watch what she eats.

This clever smartphone tool would be especially delicious to anyone who fancies sweets of the Swedish persuasion, since the program includes a collection of 30 Scandinavian recipes for cakes, cookies, rolls and more. Someone with a sweet tooth needs simply to scroll through the delectable selection, choose her vice and follow the app's instructions. A runner, walker and biker will choose different prescribed exercise regimes which will allow her to burn enough calories to justify the consumption of her preferred confection. The IKEA Kondis app is a scrumptious idea that's all about give and take for your "balanced" diet.