From Diet-Tracking Food Apps to Healthy Junk Food Apps

 - Jan 4, 2014
For a lot of people, January means throwing bad eating habits out the window and starting fresh for the new year — this can be a challenge, but not with so many great healthy food apps to keep you on track.

Apps like ‘The Eatery’ enable users to snap photos of their food for the purpose of documenting dietary changes over time. As much as taking photos of your food has become a bit of a cliché, this idea has some serious merit, even if the food photos are only of interest to the person who is watching what they eat. Similarly, by typing in the name of a food item with the ‘Fooducate’ app, users are provided with nutritional information to help them become conscious of what they’re choosing to fuel their bodies with.

Hopefully these healthy food apps will encourage and inspire sticking to a new diet throughout the entire year and not just January.