Lark for the Apple Watch Provides Tools for Food Tracking

 - May 20, 2015
References: web.lark & macworld
The Lark app for the Apple Watch provides a comprehensive set of tools for food tracking on the wrist. Although it's easy to imagine getting consumed with the habit of constantly checking the system, Lark's CEO Julia Hu describes: "We don’t want people to obsess about every calorie." Instead, Lark is means to be a place where you can dictate what you're eating and drinking so that better habits can be formed.

By tracking other activity from a user such as their sleep habits, Lark is able to give personalized nutrition recommendations. For example, if Lark picks up on the fact that a user had a bad night of sleep, it knows that the body will be craving sugary and fatty foods, and suggest a healthy source of fats such as from nuts.