From Food Truck Trackers to Prompt Food-Placing Apps

 - Mar 7, 2014
These food apps significantly improve the ordering, delivery and waiting processes when you’re hungry for a meal. It’s not a good feeling when you’re overwhelmed with choices on a menu board, but feel pressured to make a quick decision when you’re just grabbing some fast food. These apps put consumers in control, working in favor of their schedules and dietary preferences.

When it comes to actually choosing what to eat, apps like the 'Toronto Food Trucks App' are extremely handy for locating what food trucks are in your immediate vicinity, or specifying where a truck will be on a certain date.

Nobody really likes to wait around, so that’s where apps like 'Foodo' come in, enabling users to set a food order and specify the time they will go and pick it up. 'NoWait' is another similar take on this concept, but this app is for sit-down restaurants and acts as a virtual reservation to secure a diner’s spot in line without them having to physically be waiting at the establishment.