The Kind Chef App is Revolutionizing Restaurant Ordering

 - Jan 21, 2014
KindChef is a new network and mobile app which makes dining experience even more fun and easier to save our precious time. In simple terms: you get hungry, run the app, search for a cuisine or a restaurant nearby, order your dish to your place or go to the restaurant, and have fun!

An easy online ordering system is now available for all restaurants, so you can find new places via the app, surf through their menu and order right to your place or if you're at the restaurant, there's no need to wait in a line; you just sit at your table and order by app even faster. The app has a new creative search engine that lets you search for a cuisine or a restaurant based on your budget (or so many different other values) that it all lets you find great places and taste a better dish.

The project is actually still in development, raising funds on the Indiegogo website to be able to make it happen.