Always Order the Right Amount of Pizza with the Pizza Counter App

 - Jun 27, 2014
References: & dailydot
Proving that we live in a golden age, the Pizza Counter application arrives to solve one of the most common problems when it comes to ordering pizzas for a large group of people.

Created by Rick Mendes, the Pizza Counter application will suggest exactly how many pizza pies you'll need to order so that you adequately feed your guests. To find out how many pizzas to order, simply provide Pizza Counter with three pieces of information: how many people, how hungry they are and the size of the pie in inches. Once you've inputted the data the app will do the arithmetic for you, which is perfect as few people enjoy doing math, and even fewer enjoy doing it hungry.

While the Pizza Counter app will help you figure out exactly how many pizzas to order, there still has yet to be an app that can pick pizza toppings that everyone can agree on.