Natasha's Kitchen Tops This Dessert with Blackberry Frosting

 - May 27, 2015
References: natashaskitchen
Natasha's Kitchen has created a full-proof way to have a deliciously fluffy and moist dessert every time a person gets into a baking mood with the Greek Yogurt Cupcakes recipe. Pumped with yogurt, the result is immediately noticeable. This is only expected since Natasha "spent the past few days developing (eating) and testing this yogurt cupcake recipe. Now part of her personal hall of fame list, the Greek Yogurt Cupcakes are a fun and recommended alternative to more traditional recipes.

Aside from the titular ingredient, the Greek Yogurt Cupcakes are topped with a blackberry frosting. This not only adds flavor but also a whimsical touch of color that would be perfect for themed parties or those who simply love the color purple.