This Infographic Breaks Down if Yoga or Pilates is Better

 - Jun 25, 2015
References: liquidlifestyle & designtaxi
If you aren't sure whether yoga or pilates is a better method of exercise for you, this infographic will help you figure things out. From Liquid Lifestyle, 'Yoga versus Pilates' compares the two forms of movement. Where as yoga is a holistic and philosophical approach to fitness that came into existence in Indie 5000 years ago, pilates was created in 1920 an focuses on injury protection.

The infographic also compares and contrasts areas such as core principles, runners, weight loss, classes and the workout. If the spiritual aspect and stress management is important to you, yoga might be a better choice. Pilates focuses on your back and core, making it ideal for dancers and athletes who want to improve their craft. Ultimately when it comes to yoga or pilates, however, you should pick the one you enjoy and benefit from the most.