This Year in Review Infographic Charts the Course of Pop Culture in 2012

 - Dec 26, 2012
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As the new year approaches, you can take a moment to look back with this year in review infographic to help remember all of the momentous moments of 2012.

Almost a year ago, there was a worldwide protest against SOPA, which aimed to make the Internet a more policed arena, but was successfully shut down. The Kony 2012 fiasco garnered 100 million views in six days, which lead to it being the most viral video in all history. Facebook famously purchased Instagram for $1 billion for which it received the 100 million users as well as the 13 employees of the small company. The London 2012 Olympics were the highlight of the year with millions of people tuning in to watch worldwide and the United States taking a whopping 46 gold medals home.