Yacine M’seffar’s Silver Metamorphosis Project is Buggy & Beautiful

 - May 10, 2011
References: yacinephoto & behance.net
It’s a bug’s life. The Yacine M’Seffar Silver Metamorphosis photographic project concerns itself with transforming bugs into art. Each piece in his collection is a real-life bug that has been converted into a metallic wonder.

The Yacine M’Seffar Silver Metamorphosis project can be understood through his statement, "I transform my subjects from organic to metallic, this process brings out textures, shapes and designs that a straight photograph often does not. I transform the subjects to jewels and make the ugly beautiful [and] the dangerous desirable." M’Seffar believes that his photographic art helps viewers to reconsider what they use to think of as gross—bugs.

Not only is Yacine M’Seffar’s Silver Metamorphosis project eye-catching, but it also really makes each of his creepy-crawling subjects timeless and totally mind-blowing. Just looking at his art will make you think twice before squishing the next bug you see!