From Lindsay Lohan Shoots to Natural Complexion Pictorials

 - Jan 15, 2012
Whether you've got a face full of freckles or you have none and long for an adorable speckled face, this gallery of beautiful freckle-faced photography depicts just how stunning the skin spots really are.

From A-list celebrities like Emma Stone, Lindsay Lohan and Emma Watson, to world famous supermodels like Lily Cole and Bar Refaeli, freckles are everywhere in Hollywood, though you may not notice. Many celebrities, like Ms. Lohan and Megan Fox, unfortunately choose to cover up their freckles in favor of one-tone, porcelain skin.

While some leading ladies are going the route of hiding their freckles, many have embraced their natural complexion, like Julianne Moore and Lucy Liu, and they have never looked back (or better).

Check out this gallery of pretty freckle-faced photography for a look at some of the entertainment industry's most stunning women.