This Short Film Follows the Deconstruction of a Piece of Wood

 - Jun 16, 2017
References: bfophoto & thisiscolossal
WoodSwimmer is a Woodworking Stop Motion Animation by engineer and stop-motion animator Brett Foxwell that was made entirely from slicing wood. Fascinated by colors, shapes, and textures, Foxwell envisioned a world which was comprised entirely of those forms. The result, is a one minute and forty second experience following a piece of raw wood through a milling machine.

The short film which was made in collaboration with a musician and animator known as bedtimes, this piece takes an immersive and engaging approach to animation and design. The high speed at which the process is taking place makes the wood appear to look like grains of salt "shifting, mixing, and flowing in a vibrant dance that seems completely removed from its rigid material." This film focuses on the deconstruction of nature to create imagery that's both abstract and real.