These Wooden Shades Add Some Distinct Character to Your Wardrobe

These wooden shades will serve as a great means of adding some distinction to a person's attire.

The clothes that a person wears is an extension of who they are. The '1K Reclaimed Redwood' wooden shades are made from wood that's over 1,000 years old. Handcrafted in San Francisco, the wood from the shades was taken from a railroad bridge in the 1800s. The lenses of the shades are from Carl Zeiss Vision Lenses. The 1,000 year old history of the shades adds some distinct character to the sunglasses, that's not common in a lot of designs. Not many people can say that their attire is over 1,000 years old: at least this way you can avoid the mundane conversation of the weather that many people find themselves having with casual acquaintances.