This Art from Will Kurtz is Fascinatingly Textured

 - Apr 19, 2012
References: mikeweissgallery & lostateminor
New York City-based sculptor Will Kurtz has pasted together a slew of life-size sculptures that will leave more than a few people turning their heads. The textures are haggard and ruffled, while the poses and expressions are natural. The effect of these aspects is decidedly surreal.

If one were to put one of the sculptures on a busy city street, it may take a while for people to realize it is not just another face in the crowd. This is not to say the sculptures are regular or commonplace in some way. Instead, they evoke a candid sense of humanity that is often lost in more abstract work.

Many of the sculptures look as though they are about to get up and move. They are more than life-size, they are life-like.