King Jim's White Earbuds Are Only for the Purpose of Peace and Quiet

Digital Earplugs (Dijitaru Mimisen) is a new concept from the King Jim company that will only let its wearers drown out sounds with noise-cancelling technology instead of music.

At $51, the pair of earphones is like a cross between an expensive pair of earplugs and a pair earbuds that don't play music, but they are said to cancel out about 90% of surrounding noises.

White earbuds have become a signifier that the wearer most likely has a pricey tech device attached to them, practically asking for the earbuds and all to be stolen. However, any thief who manages to get their hands on a pair of these Digital Earplugs will get quite the surprise when they realize they won't be able to do much with these headphones, other than enjoy a peaceful commute to work.