A New Device Turns Listening Tools Into a Health-Conscious Pulse Monitor

 - Nov 8, 2013
References: bifrostec.co.jp & psfk
A new device turns any pair of earbuds into a functional pulse monitor. This innovative invention is the result of a partnership between Japanese investment firm Bifrostec and international research institute The Kaiteki Institute. The device was unveiled recently in Japan at the Healthcare Device Exhibition.

This means one could gather important heart health measurements while multitasking by listening to music, podcasts, audio books or videos. This is ideal not only for health care practitioners, but for civilian health fanatics as well. With help from the device, the earbuds turned pulse monitor is able to measure subtle vibrations inside the ear canal, which correspond to a human's heart rate. An algorithm can filter out background noise, providing solid data. This device would be most useful when paired with fitness activities, or a cardio-tracking and/or exercise monitoring app.