What I Eat by Peter Menzel Documents Daily Sustenance of Different People

 - Apr 3, 2014
References: amazon & huffingtonpost
If people wanted to know what they ate on a daily basis was normal, 'What I Eat: Around The World In 80 Diets' will set them right. It is a book that documents through a series of amazing portraits what individuals from all walks of life around the world eat regularly. It basically shows that each person has their own unique diet.

Shot by photojournalist Peter Menzel and written by Faith D'Aluisio, 'What I Eat: Around The World In 80 Diets' is a sequel to Hungry Planet, a photo series that captured one week's worth of a family's food intake from all over the globe. Menzel writes, "I want people to understand their own diets better—and their own chemistry and their own biology. And make better decisions for themselves."