The W.E.T. System Holds Solar Energy and Rain for Ecological Purposes

 - Oct 12, 2013
References: yankodesign
The W.E.T. system is a self-contained, soil irrigation mechanism that uses both sunlight and rain to enhance public spaces.

Designed by Christina Fenton, Haiden Goggin, Jonathan Holland, and Anthony Traviglini, the large saucer place-looking device collects rain water and funnels it for cleaning and fire emergency purposes. On days when it rains especially hard, the W.E.T. system has a central tube that diverts the water into a rain collection pool at the base of the machine dug under the ground, where once the water climbs and surpasses an overflow point, begins to leak out into the surround soil for irrigation. On hot days, the collected water is dispersed through mist into the surrounding area.

If the eco-friendliness wasn't already enough, the top and foot of the beacon is lit up at night when the sun's stored energy is converted into light energy.