Enviro Brings Green to the Green

 - Feb 25, 2008
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These stylish shoes are actually the world's first eco-friendly shoes intended for golf, allowing the wearer to wear green on the green. The Enviro shoes are made from 99% environmentally sustainable materials and look very sophisticated too.

They use chrome-free, organic vegetable-tanned leathers, the outside sole is made of rice husks and the inside liner is made of 100% recycled material.

"Whether it's being 'green', 'recycled' or 'earth friendly', we are constantly being reminded about environmental issues in the media," sys Fredrik Sundstrom, the Global Golf Director. "Society wants to be more environmentally conscious and it is our responsibility to provide products that fit this demand. The world is definitely changing and we want to push our golf division to be more responsible for the earth"

“The Enviro was a fun but incredible important project to work on. This development represents the present and future of creating products. As planned, we still maintained a classic type upper and kept the high level of comfort that consumers expect from our footwear. If it weren't great looking, lightweight and comfortable our customers would not buy our product. One thing we were sure about was not compromising for a 'story' however the results are phenomenal â€"a World first!”

They come in dark brown and black, and sizes 6 through 12.