Zero Eco Friendly Vehicle

 - Jun 19, 2008
References: tuvie
In the future, cars could run on magnetic energy. Natalie Bonebrake designed the Zero Eco Friendly Vehicle, pod-like transit based on using magnet power as an environmentally-friendly alternative to fuel.

The mass-transit solution involves little carts hanging from magnetic levitation tracks, propelled forward by the power of magnetic force.

"Once in the pod, a destination is entered and the rail system powers the pod through the city along the appropriate route," Tuvie explains. "This allows the users the comfort of taxi or subway but without all the waiting and expensive fairs.

"Alone the pod allows the users to travel effortlessly through the city, but once connected to the chassis it becomes even more dynamic! This system allows the user to enjoy the freedom of having a car without all the responsibilities of having a car!"

At this time of sky-rocketing gas prices, this is a welcome innovation!