YouTubers Markiplier and Rosanna Pansino Created the 'Wet Head Challenge'

 - Dec 5, 2016
References: youtube
Two popular YouTubers, Rosanna Pansino and Markiplier, recently competed in a game they call the 'Wet Head Challenge.' Released through Markiplier's channel, the game involves, luck, will and a silly helmet, with both the winner and the loser likely ending up soaking wet.

As the name indicates, the Wet Head Challenge involves a toy called 'Wet Head.' The product is a goofy yellow helmet with a hole in the center and an odd contraption on top of it. Far from trying to protect its wearer's head, the Wet Head is topped by a container of water with six poles sticking out. Five of those poles are benign, but the sixth causes all the water to pour out onto the wearer.

Markiplier and Rosanna Pansino's video is a wet version of Russian roulette, with the two YouTubers competing to see who can pull more poles before getting drenched.