This Water-Powered Hoverboard Shows What Firefighters Do for Fun

 - Apr 17, 2014
References: youtube & geekologie
This water-powered hoverboard is proof that firefighters are having a lot more fun at their job than they let on. There are always videos popping up on the Internet of Russians doing amazing and ridiculous things so I can't even say I'm surprised to see this. These Russian firefighters make a water-powered hoverboard out of their high-powered hoses and some other easy to find material.

First of all this video should come with a disclaimer because no matter how awesome it looks (and most likely is) it should definitely not be attempted at home. The video sees the firefighters use about five hoses shooting downward attached to a plate big and strong enough to hold one of the fighters.

What starts as a little lift soon turns into full blown flying as we see the water launch him off the ground.