Parisian Students Show Off the MagSurf, the World's First Hoverboard

 - Oct 20, 2011
References: geekologie
Though my faith has certainly been tested in recent weeks, the announcement of the MagSurf has revitalized my zealous devotion to scientists, engineers and anyone else who invents logic-defying gadgets like this.

Who knew that the year which Back to the Future 2 was set in would coincidentally be the same year the hoverboard was invented? The scriptwriters, that's who! Harnessing the power of quantum levitation, students of the University of Paris at Diderot have turned a chemically inactive wafer into a fully functional hoverboard by adding some superconductors and a bucketful of liquid nitrogen. Though it can only travel on a predetermined course, the hoverboard is capable of deftly gliding above the air due to 'flux tubes' that maintain a barely neutral magnetic field. Just don't try kick-flipping the board -- you might get a face full of freezing ice!