The Casarte fusion washing + care machine Extends the Lifespan of Clothing

 - Mar 15, 2019
References: casarte & prnewswire
At the 2019 Appliances & Electronics World Expo, Casarte and Uniters showcased a double-drum fusion washing + care machine with next-gen features. While the look of the laundry appliance remains fairly similar, the technology that powers it includes plenty of solutions for extending the lifespan of clothing and goods.

The machine boasts the ability to determine the item type, load weight and analyze water flow. In connection with a cloud based big data system, the fusion washing + care machine chooses the best cycle to save water, energy and drying time. Some of the other smart features of the machine include its deep-UV light to disinfect water and save users the need to use their own disinfectant, as well as military-grade 3D infrared sensors to make sure clothes dry evenly without being overdried.

Casarte is set to launch the line by producing just 1,000 machines initially.