Warriors by Karel Losenicky Presents Head to Head Hostility

The examination of Warriors by Karel Losenicky through contemporary eyes might reveal elements of interwoven masculinity and femininity, despite the exhibition of buff male musculature, facial stubble and hairy chests. The hair and makeup for this shoot by Mimmo di Maggio produced elaborately braided locks and deep penetrating eyes.

Likely referencing a hierarchical tribal look for men, the styling only attempts to further impress this image of androgyny through the work of Domenico de Chirico and Cecilia Righi with their incorporation of gracefully draped garments. When seated, the male models wear the weaved fabrics like togas, with a modesty that keeps even their nude chests concealed from the sight of the lens. Embellished with intricate jewelry and the radiant glow of moisturized skin, these Warriors by Karel Losenicky in GIA Magazine represent the inner balance of male versus female and violence versus tenderness in every human being.