This Designer Appliance Creates an Unexpected Focal Point

 - Oct 19, 2018
References: yankodesign
Appliances are something of a necessary evil within living spaces given that they are required but often take up ample floor space, so this conceptual wall-mounted washing machine aims to help put them up and off of the ground to help save space.

Designed by Kurz Kurz Design, the washing machine is intended to be mounted on a wall to be a focal point within a space rather than an appliance that needs to be hidden away in a laundry room or closet. As the size of the urban consumer living space continues to shrink, this aesthetic speaks to the need for style-conscious appliances that can be easily integrated into open-concept spaces to embrace the essential.

The conceptual wall-mounted washing machine is also quite easy to load and unload by eliminating the need to constantly bend over to access your garments.