The Walker Chair by Transformist Design is Faceted and Cantilevered

 - Jun 13, 2014
References: & yankodesign
The Walker Chair is inspired by stealth aircrafts, hence its sharp angles and sleek frame. When viewing the black version, it is hard not to miss the comparison. Yet the red and white options are much more subtle. Some may compare them to the art of origami due to their folded edges, others may simply see a minimalist modern design.

Created by Transformist Design, the Walker Chair is not made out of carbon fiber, however, or any other hi-tech material. Instead, it is fashioned out of a variety of powder-coated aluminum options. Contrasting seat and backrests give the Walker Chair a more customized appearances that will fit into different living spaces easier. Faceted and cantilevered, the silhouette is overall very dynamic.