This ATM Withholds Funds for Men to Demonstrate Wage Inequality

 - Oct 29, 2013
References: facebook & psfk
Zürcher Frauenzentrale is a women’s organization that teamed up with Publicis Zurich to create a unique way to raise awareness on wage inequality in Switzerland — the kind of campaign that is impossible to ignore and will get an immediate reaction out of you.

To promote ‘Equal Pay Day’ in Switzerland, these two groups set up ATMs that would dispense 20% less money for men than women. As you might expect, the men who encountered this ATM were not very pleased. The campaign was staged so that it looked like the men were receiving less money than they asked for and the receipts from this ATM provided more information on wage inequality.

Putting somebody in the shoes of someone else and being able to provoke such strong emotional responses is a brilliant way to raise awareness on issues that treat men and women differently.