The WA Cleanskin Cellars Shop in Perth uses Upcycled Materials

 - Jun 30, 2017
This recently opened WA Cleanskin Cellars shop in Perth, Australia, is a stunning winery-inspired retail experience that invites shoppers to imagine a day at the vineyard with strong visual cues and a tasting experience.

Located in Perth, Australia, the new WA Cleanskin Cellars shop does plenty to entice passing shoppers to come in for a visit, including a lattice extending into the mall portion that recalls the experience of walking through a vineyard.

The new WA Cleanskin Cellars store in Perth, a city in Western Australia, was brought to life by design firm Masterplanners Interiors, who made great use of upcycled materials, especially wood, to give the entire space, and by extension the shopping experience, a truly authentic feel.