This Vuvuzela by Carlsberg Works When Alcohol is Consumed Responsibly

 - Jul 9, 2016
References: carlsberg & adeevee
In order to encourage fans to celebrate responsibly during the UEFA Euro 2016, Carlsberg created a unique vuvuzela.

The 'Breathalyzela' is a hybrid breathalyzer and vuvuzela that only emits its distinctive sound if it detects that a user has consumed an alcohol level that's below the binge drinking limit. Rather than making the task of blowing into a breathalyzer seem like a safety measure, the Breathalyzela turns the act into a fun challenge. Similar versions of this design could be implemented at stadiums and other venues where the use of noisemakers is prevalent.

In order to encourage safe drinking practices, in recent years, breathalyzers around the world have begun to be disguised as everything from bike locks and karaoke systems.