The Visual Branding for Fashion Retailer Threads is Succinct and Chic

 - Apr 21, 2015
In the age of the Internet, a brand's visual identity must seamlessly connect consumers to a set of core ideals consistent across traditional marketing mediums, in the digital sphere, as well as in-store. Adele&DESIGN is a creative firm who recently created a thorough visual identity that unifies the brand Threads across advertising mediums.

Adele&DESIGN, a Birmingham-based firm, created a dynamic scheme for Threads that included a mobile app, website, clothing hang tags, shopping bags and of course, a new logo. Adele&DESIGN is able to communicate their highly detailed journey from an idea's inception to the final product embossed on the side of a shopping bag.

The dynamic visual branding created for Threads exemplifies the importance of a unified visual identity and speaks to the power of leveraging digital mediums in which to create a presence.