The VisionDivision Miami Sun is a Solar Casino for Florida

 - May 25, 2013
References: dvice
This massive semicircle is the VisionDivision Miami Sun. The Swedish design firm (that would be VisionDivision) created this artificial sun for a contest held by the city of Miami. The city is currently looking for a new landmark near its Bayfront Park. VisionDivision is proposing an artificial sun that would also function as a casino.

The sun would change its hue throughout the day and would also mimic the look of the moon at night. The idea is quite ingenious, especially the part where it doubles as a casino. The casino would also allow those not interested in gambling to view the city from a spot unlike any other in Miami. Here’s hoping the city of Miami, or any other sun-drenched locale in North America, decides to build the VisionDivision Miami Sun.