'Villa Poorkan' Features Stained Glass in Primary Colors

 - Feb 21, 2018
References: archdaily
'Villa Poorkan' employs a white aesthetic for the most part, but the modern home uses a clever design quirk to infuse the otherwise staid home with bold streaks of color. The home's main living area features three tall windows side-by-side, and each of these is topped with a series of horizontal panes in bright primary colors.

The appeal of using stained glass extends beyond the appearance of the windows themselves. Because the windows are on the east-facing side of the home, they get ample natural light flowing into the home. This in turn means that tinted light spills into the main living area in even, colorful streams, changing the color of the home as a whole as the sun moves throughout the course of the day.

Image Credit: Soroush Majidi, Parham Taghiof