Anna Blessmann Designs a Modular-Style Fashion Collection

 - Jul 3, 2018
References: wallpaper & dezeen
German artist Anna Blessmann launches the first season of her versatile workwear collection. Dubbed 'A Plan Application,' the line-up of clothing is meant to be style-forward, functional and independent of the fast fashion industry. In other words, the artist focuses on creating a minimalist and practical collection that "can be built upon each season."

The inaugural installment of versatile workwear is made with creatives in mind. The silhouettes in the A Plan Application collection are logoless, utilize a subdued color palette and are meant to be elegant, reductive and referential.

Prior to the launch of her first line-up of minimalist and versatile workwear, Anna Blessmann discussed the project with British artist Peter Saville and American designer Virgil Abloh — two creatives who saw the potential in the seasonless fashion collection.