This Vermouth Label Features an Illusory Animated Image

 - Nov 28, 2016
References: turmeon & packagingoftheworld
This vermouth label used its unique ingredients as the inspiration for its animated label. The brand Turmeon Vermouth is offering a new product that uses honey as a sweetener. It is the first vermouth in the world that does this and was "created with cocktails in mind."

The brand is known for its labels that feature unique optical illusions, designed by 'kinesiograms,' and this particular bottle is no different. The vermouth label features an image of a bee that, when spun around the bottle, appears to be flapping its wings. This image coupled with the honey flavor of the vermouth, as well as the pale amber color it comes in, leaves no question as to what the primary theme behind this product is.

This beverage not only provides a unique flavor, but its interactive label also makes it more likely to appeal to consumers.