Veloce Hats Bring New-School Flavor to Old-School SoCal Beachwear

From the beach to the streets of Los Angeles and elsewhere in California, Veloce hats are picking up as a trend to watch this coming season. With bright colors, a creatively old-school cut and cool metallic writing across the rim, the caps bring an original flavor that marks the resurgence of iconic California beach bum style.

Veloce was started by 19-year-old LA native Cameron Picardi, who draws inspiration from SoCal's diversity in both landscape and charater. According to the website, his idea was to mix two styles of hat: the 90's styled volleyball cap and cycling caps. The result was two collections: The PartyMe collection, which features a variety of bright and neon coloured hats, and the Noir Collection, which features the black and gray caps pictured above.