VELO7 Cycle Shop's Design is Inspired by Bicycle Frames

 - Sep 5, 2017
References: archdaily
For those who truly love bicycles, VELO7 Cycle Shop is a dream come true. Not only is the shop full of high end cycling gear, but its very design is inspired by the bicycle, embracing the aggressive triangle that makes up the classic bicycle frame shape.

The design studio behind VELO7, mode:lina, opted to infuse the bicycle shop with triangles wherever possible. Not only are the various shelves and display cases angled to jut out into the space, but the shop is also covered in graphic designs that riff on the triangle. Further, the overhead fluorescent tubes that light the space are arranged into sets of three, forming triangles themselves.

In terms of chromatics, the shop mostly includes a stark black and white aesthetic, offset only by raw plywood that makes up the display areas.