Seawater's Mediterranean Vegetable Gazpacho is Rich in Minerals

A number of new ready-to-drink vegetable gazpacho bottles have been introduced by the food industry over the last few years, but Seawater sets itself apart by producing its all-natural gazpacho with Mediterranean-sourced fruits and vegetables, plus mineral-rich Mediterranean seawater.

The brand's ZUMO Gazpacho is available in a trio of flavors that introduce flavorful ingredient medleys like tomato, bell pepper, cucumber, extra virgin olive oil, vinegar, garlic and lemon juice. These gluten-free fruit and vegetable juices are not made from concentrate and boast 78 bio-available minerals, many of which cannot be found in ordinary table salt.

Seawater describes that some of the benefits of consuming the minerals from seawater include enhanced cellular hydration and nourishment, plus enhanced flavor with a lower sodium content. In all, the salts and minerals that can be found in seawater are said to be similar to those of the human body.