The 'Vegetable Collection' by Vito Nesta Features Fresh Pieces

The modern home is anything but natural, especially if it is in an urban location, so the 'Vegetable Collection' by Vito Nesta is designed to offer a more naturalistic touch to spaces by incorporating quirky furniture.

While relatively basic at first glance, the 'Vegetable Collection' by Vito Nesta is characterized by leggy finishes that take a rather produce-inspired approach to home decor. Created in collaboration with Luca Pennines and Nicola Caracciolo, the 'Vegetable Collection' by Vito Nesta takes modern design less seriously than other options on the market for a more playful, fun approach to home design and outfitting.

Offering side tables, to chairs, the collection features pale colors that are rather desert-like and call to mind a cozy yet fresh aesthetic.