This Abandoned Courtyard Received a Facelift from Vector Architects

 - Sep 28, 2015
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Vector Architects re-created this elegant courtyard after it was abandoned. The team created a visually delightful and minimalist approach that transformed the dingy yard into a place of serenity for relaxation.

This project was created as a design project for the Beijing Design Week. Vector Architects used skills in renovation and design to combine the courtyard's history with an updated version of modern features. The original courtyard titled 'Za Yuan’ is a culturally rich space, which is why is was important for the design team to maintain its integrity.

By improving and refining the original yard, it is now home to modern wood-paneled sidings, white trees, brick floors and a partially opened roof. The privatized space is a secluded environment, but it still offers a community space when needed as well.