Vams Culture's 'Tropical Goth' is a Detoxifying, Fruity Charcoal Beverage

 - Aug 31, 2017
References: vamsculture
'Tropical Goth' is a vibrant kombucha beverage from Vams Culture that gets its unique appearance from the addition of activated charcoal.

The beverage boasts a base of filtered water, green tea and black tea that is built upon with orange, apple and grape juice, plus mango puree. In terms of color, Vams Culture describes the look of Tropical Goth as a green and black ombre. The brand also suggests pairing it with a rainbow vegetable salad or an almond-ginger dressing to optimize the flavors of the fruity, sweet-tasting kombucha drink.

Activated charcoal can now be found in a range of food and beverage products and is revered for its powerfully detoxifying properties, as well as the distinctive black tint that it adds as an ingredient.