Billa Uses the Value of a Facebook Like to Determine In-Store Discounts

 - Jul 8, 2015
References: creativecriminals
What is the value of a Facebook like? As a retail store based in Romania, Billa sees it as a way for consumers to indicate their support and interest in a product or service. In order to put this social tool into practice in order to boost sales, Billa created the Social Catalog.

Unlike a printed catalog that showed shoppers fixed prices, Billa's creation handed power to the people, allowing them to determine the amount that products would be discounted in the span of 24 hours.

Simply, people visiting Billa's Facebook page were asked to like a product if they would be interested in purchasing the product at a reduced price. After the allotted time, Billa would let people purchase the product with a discount of up to 50 percent off.