'Valentin #2' Integrates Nature into Its Layout

 - Apr 30, 2018
References: archdaily
Hotels can often seem disassociated from the surrounding environment because of the lengths hoteliers go to to make their establishment unique and interesting, but the recently redesigned Valentin #2 manages to avoid that pitfall. Located in Italy's South Tyrol, which is part of the Italian Alps, the hotel makes explicit reference to the peaks that rise above it in all directions.

The clearest reference to the Alps within Valentin #2's layout is its entryway, which features a series of rough and craggy stones adorned with slight, springy conifers. Those stones look much like the bare mountain stone visible on the horizon, drawing an irrefutable parallel. Further, the pathway to the hotel itself winds back upon itself repeatedly, which gives the hotel's entrance the feeling of a circuitous mountain pass.

Image Credit: Alex Filz