- Dec 12, 2018
South America traveling bears untapped potentials. Bound to be an interesting adventure into unknown landscapes and foreign cultures, this list is bound to give off some motivation for a vacation.

From guided experiences to spontaneous decisions, traveling is exciting, to begin with. For individuals who embrace holistic practices, the Canadian-owned and operated '5th Dimension' is a healing retreat in Peru that transports guests away from hectic and stressful urban environments. Participants in this retreat can enjoy a number of shaman-led experiences with Nunu plant medicine, San Pedro Kambo and ayahuasca. Other opportunities of experiencing anti-urban environments through South America traveling would be Patagonia's dome-like Ecocamp in Chile.

Finally, the list is topped off with a few universal mobile app suggestions that connect travelers with locals for an even more potent authentic experience of the continent.

From Local Advice Travel Apps to Seven-Continent Cruises: