V*AI*lentine is an Interesting AI That Can Help Project Users Feelings

 - Feb 16, 2018
References: adweek
A group of developers and designers at Brooklyn-based agency Huge have released a sonnet writing AI named V*AI*lentine. This unique AI bot was created during a one-day employee hackathon and combines the heart of William Shakespear with the mind of artificial intelligence. The decision to focus on Shakespeare came because of the poet's iconic structure and familiarity to modern eats. It was also done because the AI was quick to understand Shakespeares writing style. The final product offered to the public features a cute digital 8-bit style and gives nod to old-school graphics of early computers.

To create V*AI*lentine, the team fed 154 Shakespeare sonnets through Markov chains, which use natural language processing and algorithms to predict the next word. The team then created inputs to let users enter characteristics about their recipient, including their name, favorite color, favorite season and best physical trait. The Markov chain would then pull words related to these user inputs and would then generate lines based on the answers and algorithms. The result has been fairly impressive with many lines making sense and remaining structurally strong.