From DIY Thermal Cameras to In-Camera AI Assistants

 - Mar 25, 2018
Cameras are powerful pieces of technology, and the March 2018 photography trends demonstrate that the devices are only getting better with time.

The fundamentals of photography's hardware are certainly improving, but what makes the March 2018 photography trends so interesting is that camera companies have begun to embrace the power of software solutions as well. Unlike with film, digital photography has no physical form, existing wholly as a pixelated facsimile of the image captured. This means that the right software has the potential to correct and improve those digital imprints (whereas no amount of software can affect a film photograph once it's on the celluloid).

One of the companies with the biggest investment in photography software is Pentax, whose Pentax K-1 Mark II has a built-in smart auto-exposure that uses a feature called 'Real-Time Scene-Analysis' to analyze brightness within the context of the image in the frame, providing more appropriate output as a result.