The Letown LT9 4K Dash Cam Packs Driver Assistant Functionality

 - Feb 13, 2018
References: indiegogo & thegadgetflow
Consumers are looking to make their vehicles smarter and more efficient than ever, which is increasing the popularity of aftermarket modifications like the Letown LT9 4K dash cam. Incorporating a smart design, the camera can work to warn drivers about potential collision risks and when they stray from their present lane. The unit also works to record footage in premium 4K quality to ensure all details are easily distinguishable, while the night vision capabilities ensure it's ideal for use during anytime of day or night.

The Letown LT9 4K dash cam also packs motion-sensing technology that will automatically start recording when your vehicle is parked to capture potential break-ins. The modular design of the camera enables it to be placed in the front or rear of your vehicle, depending on preferences.