'Prosthetic Photographer' ForcesPictures Using AI and Electricity

 - Feb 13, 2018
References: peterbuczkowski & fastcodesign
Many would argue that photography is a subjective and fundamentally human endeavor, but 'Prosthetic Photography' is an art project that aims to discount that premise. The project uses an artificially intelligent algorithm and electric shocks to force photographers into taking beautiful pictures.

Phosthetic Photographer itself consists of little more than a grip and attachment for a digital camera. Though it looks unimposing, the device packs a powerful punch. Prosthetic Photographer has built-in artificial intelligence that constant assesses the viewfinder of the attached digital camera to look for the most attractive photographs. When it does see something it likes, it uses a node on the handle to send an electric shock through the photographer's hand, forcing them to involuntarily pull the trigger and take a picture. This is the first sign of the robot apocalypse, but at least it's artistic.