Mitsubishi Digital Donates For Each New Twitter Follower

 - Apr 21, 2009
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Mitsubishi Digital Electronics has created a Facebook page and Twitter feed that touts itself as a way to save the environment because it’s buying carbon offsets to reduce their carbon footprint.

I only kind of hate it because I love Mitsubishi’s electronics. I am part of the problem, so I should be glad they are part of the solution. But can’t they just be quiet on Earth Day? But since they give a buck for every fan, I shall go fan them at Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

"We looked at many ways in which we could communicate the energy efficiency story tied to laser TV technology and Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America’s (MDEA) LaserVue TV, and simultaneously impact as many people as possible. Online Social Networking made the most sense," Nick Norton, senior manager of brand marketing, told Marketing Daily.<